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JUST like nature intended



- Enjoy the added savings! This Bundle Deal section was created with your best interest in mind. 

  • Free shipping on all orders in San Diego, CA (MINIMUM order $20)

  • Free shipping on all United States orders over $49

All-Natural Turmeric Scrub & Turmeric Bar Soap
Skin Relief Cream handmade in San Diego, Ca
Custom Gift Baskets- San Diego, Ca | All-natural skincare
Krouned Collection of all-natural, plant-based bar soaps


-Our BAR SOAPS are handcrafted with patience and quality. Love on your skin with our organic soaps. 

San Diego best turmeric bar soap/ best soap to even skin tone
San Diego best handmade bar soap/ oats for sensitive skin
All-Natural Coffee Bar Soap
San Diego best cearsse bar soap/ cerassee is a herb from jamaica. Great for removing skin ulcers

-Looking for an all natural DEODORANT? These deodorants are made to last.

No harmful chemicals included. 

Best All-natural Plant-based Deodorants 


- Our Face Scrubs are extra small grained, this protects the skin from unnecessary wear, so you can experience a more refreshing feel.

-Our Body Scrubs works wonders to the skin. They smell amazing and the benefits are greater. This is a great exfoliant that that also add nutrients to your skin for quicker results.  

All-Natura, Plant-Based body scrub
Trumeric Face Srub and Coffee Face Scrub
All-Natural turmeric Face scrub (Lybian squad)
All-Natuural Plant-Based Body Scrub

-Our MOISTURIZERS are the final answer. Guaranteed to be better than whatever the hell it is that you are using right now. Protect your skin, lock in moisture and feel better. 


- Our Soaking Bath Salts are all natural and made up of three types of salts, Dead sea salt, Epsom salt, and Pink Himalayan salt.

Soaking Bath Salts are all natural and made up of three types of salts, Dead sea salt, Epsom salt, and Pink Himalayan salt.
Lavender Soaking Bath Salts

- Krouned Body Care was first created for babies with sensitive skin. Its safe to say our Baby collection is the backbone of our company. We understand it can be extremely hard to find good skincare products for babies with skin sensitivity. At Krouned Body Care, all our products are handmade from natural ingredients, and the back labels of our products are always reader friendly. 


- Our HAIR products are handmade and all natural. We provide premium quality by using natural ingredients to provide your hair with ample nutrients.

 Rosemary Hair Food
Peppermint and Jojoba Organic Hair Oil

-Our SKIN REJUVENATING OILS are infused with turmeric to provide the best results and skin nourishment.

krouned accessories

-Ease your mind, these are some amazing accessories to make your life less hassling.

Shower gloves
Artificial Rose Petals
Face pampering brush
All-Natural Wooden Shower Bush

Naturally Simple

Our products are the solution for your skincare problem. The quality ingredients used in the creation of our products are benevolent to your skin. Wear your skin with confidence and pride. You deserve to be treated Royally! Kroun your skin by shopping here at

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You are krouned royalty... Treat yourself with lavish care.
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